Product Management Mentorship

  • Starting out your Product Management Career and in need of guidance? 

  • Currently a Product Manager, Product Owner or Entrepreneur and looking to solve some specific Product Challenges?

Our individual mentoring sessions with a Product Elites Mentor will  shorten your learning curve and get you past your challenges in no time.


Get mentored in the following areas: 

Product Career Development, Product Management methods and best practices, Executive Product Leadership, Agile Product Management, Customer Discovery, Customer Experience & Strategy development

How it works:

  1. Join the Product Elites Community

  2. Indicate your interest to join a mentorship cohort

  3. You're matched with a Product Elites Mentor based on your Mentorship needs

  4. The mentorship period will be for one month. You and you mentor can meet as many times as agreed but there must be at least 3 mentorship sessions. Mentorship can be full remote or also physical depending on local guidelines.

Apply to be mentored

To apply for Product Mentorship, please fill out the form below

Become a Mentor

Please note that you need to have 5 or more years experience in Product Management to be a Product Elites Mentor

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