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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Two of our Mentors at Product Elites took out time to answer some concrete questions about Product Management. Each participant asked specific questions related to their current product challenges and Thê-Minh Trinh and Tolulope Ayeni provided tailored answers to each.

We looked at 4 Categories during this class:

  1. Transitioning to Product Management

  2. Stakeholder Management

  3. Product Management Tools, Skills & Processes

  4. Mid-term, Long-term Strategy

Transitioning into Product Management


  1. How do I find my next job as a product manager? I would like to transition from a small start-up into a bigger company

  2. How do I transition from Product Owner to Product Manager?

  3. How to transition to a PM role?

  4. How do I position myself as an entry PM to actively lead in prioritization, feature suggestion and general product management.

Transitioning Tips:

  1. Understand the difference between Start-Up PM (mostly jack of all trades) vs Corporation PM (all hands on deck)

  2. Understand the difference between Product Owner & Product Manager

  3. Enroll in a training program

  4. Get a Product Mentor

  5. Curiosity is key

  6. Start a Side Project

  7. Take up a Product Manager role informally in your current organisation

  8. Read Product articles / books

  9. Join Meetups & Product events

  10. KYC - Know your customer & KYB - Know your business

Need more tips on Transitioning into Product Management? Read an article written just for you.

Stakeholder Management


  1. What’s the right way to communicate requirements to stakeholders?

  2. How do you work with senior engineers that prioritize what to work on?

Stakeholder Management Tips:

  1. Be direct. Explain the Why and not the What.

  2. Ask the obvious (or Clarity over comfort)

  3. Adapt to communication styles (visual, asynchronous, …)

  4. Let user needs guide your decision-making

  5. Empower them to make great decisions

Tools, Skills and Processes


  1. What are some of the best tools available?

  2. What technical skill do you have that sets you apart as a product manager?

  3. How do I see firsthand how product management works in conjunction with agile methodologies?

  4. How do you manage a new product launch? What tactics, strategies and processes do you use?

Tips for Tools, Skills & Processes:

  1. Tools: Notion, Coda, Linear, Monday, Productboard

  2. Product Managers don’t need technical skills

  3. Product Management by nature works hand in hand with Agile Frameworks

  4. Define Success KPIs & Measure

  5. Test before Launch

  6. Celebrate Product Launch


  1. How do I go about product roadmapping and stick with it even when the company is gradually adapting to a product culture?

  2. How to define Product vision and strategy

Mid-term, Long-term Strategy Tips:

  1. Define what a roadmap means to your company? How will it be used?

  2. Facilitate the way that your organization uses roadmaps

  3. Suggestions are great but need to be structured around the goal (Ask Why?)

  4. Define Product Vision: The future we are trying to create, in 2-5 years

  5. Define Product Strategy: a series of Product/Market Fit

How about you? Have you transitioned to Product Management yet? How do you manage stakeholders? Which Product Management tools are your favourite? How do you define your mid-term or long-term Product Strategy?

We would like to hear from you.

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